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Baga Beach

Baga beach one of the most popular travel destinations in Goa. It is famous not only in India but all over the world. Goa’s popularity is due to its beaches, Goa is the first choice of young travelers and newlyweds if you are planning a holiday in Goa. So Goa Tours is collecting all the information for you.

Often whenever we plan holidays, Goa comes first in our mind because Goa has a lot to enjoy like beaches, churches, national parks, backwaters, and hills, Goa is also for churches. It is quite famous that thousands of people come here every year to enjoy their holidays.
You can never get bored in Goa because here you can enjoy the beaches in the day and the bars, cafes and pubs at night, the street here is very famous for pub parties.

Baga beach is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. Everyday thousands of tourists come to enjoy the water sports. Baga Beach is one of the best sea coast of Goa, it is said that this beach remains awake all night. Meaning there is always a crowd.

Baga Beach history

Baga Beach is famous not only for India but also for the whole world. If we talk about history, then in 1980, after the famous summer gathering of hippies from San Francisco, it became world famous here. If we talk about enterprise, then fishing, paddle boarding discos and tattoo shops employ a lot of people here. In Goa, you will get a lot of facilities such as parking and cleanliness is maintained by the local administration authorities,

Here you can also see dolphins deep in the blue ocean. If you are a nature lover, you must visit the beautiful retreat of Baga Beach in Goa.This is heaven for nature lovers. Baga Beach is long and a sandy beach, the main attraction here is filled with lively huts, resorts and fishing boats, Baga is a quiet beach. The beach is situated between the high hills and the deep blue Arabian Sea, you will find plenty of places to visit here and you can enjoy many souvenir shops in the center of the best party. Baga Beach you can enjoy the amazing views of nature, tourist can enjoy with water sports, exciting nightlife.

Baga beach is situated on the periphery of the village of Calangute. It is around 9km from Mapusa and 15km from Panaji, and is in very close proximity to Anjuna beach. Most visitors arrive at Baga beach via rail; taking the train to Thivim and from there, a short taxi ride to the beach. Access by air is also popular, with the nearest airport, Dabolim, around 55km from Baga and from there, a taxi to the beach costing around 800 rupees.

The beach at Baga is around 1.5km long and offers pristine, fine white sand and a real local feel with many traditional huts still used by the local fishing population. It is also one of the widest beaches in Goa and provides its visitors with an increased sense of privacy. This is something that many of the more popular beaches in Goa lack, and consequently, Baga beach has been widely regarded as an escape from the nearby, popular Calangute beach. Baga is also very family friendly and features a river and creek just a short distance away. This provides tourists the opportunity to relax in still and safe waters.

Baga beach is very well known for its water sports; one of the primary attractions of the beach for tourists. Everything from jet skiing to parasailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and kite surfing is offered, along with almost every other type of activity imaginable. Diving expeditions, boat trips to nearby islands and the ever popular dolphin watching excursions to observe the large pods of dolphins which often congregate about 1km out to sea are also in high demand from visitors to the beach. It is therefore highly advisable to pre-book any trip early in the morning upon your arrival to avoid disappointment.

As with all other beaches in Goa, there are also markets on the beach almost every day of the week, offering everything from hot snacks to souvenirs. Visitors indulging in some casual retail therapy are then able to relax in one of the many hammocks dotted along the shoreline and can enjoy the many local cocktails on offer. There are a vast number of accomodation options at Baga Beach; with boutique hotels such as the Casa Baga situated in close proximity to cheaper guest houses and beach huts, and with prices ranging from 600 rupees all the way to 9000 rupees per night. A firm favourite among tourists for many years has been the Alidia Beach Cottages, offering basic but extremely comfortable beach huts for around 700 rupees per night, and providing spectacular views of the coast and sunset. However, due to the popularity of the Baga beach huts it is always advisable for visitors to book well in advance of their planned stay.   Baga beach offers precisely what many tourists are seeking in Goa; a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more popular beaches in the area whilst also providing a wealth of water sports and attractions. A visit to Baga beach is highly recommended.

How to reach Baga Beach

  You can reach Baga Beach easily from Panaji. Baga Beach is 15 km from Panaji from the airport, you can reach Panaji to Baga Beach in just 30 minutes by taxi. Lots of buses and taxis are easily available to come and go, if you want bicycle and motorbike too. Can rent.  
By Airport
Dabolim is the nearest airport which is well connected to major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai etc. For foreigners, Goa’s airport is located in Vasco de Gama to the south, about 43 km from Baga. is.